Cassandra Pico’s School

Cassandra Pico’s School – Cassandra is a character created by Tom Fulpi who debuted in Pico’s School (1999). She also appears in Ramen Noodilis’s Friday Night Funkin’ Fashion.

Cassandra Pico’s School

“Cassandra is a character created by Tom Fulpi who debuted in Pico’s School (1999). She also appears in Ramen Noodilis’s Friday Night Funkin’ Fashion. She is originally the main antagonist of Pico’s School and one of Pico’s most feared enemies, but is shown to be friendly with Pico’s School: Love Conquers All I don’t think anyone would blame him for being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of grade school students… And you’d be wrong.

About The Pico School Update( Low Effort Version )

The plot of Pico’s school revolves around a mass shooting he plans and executes. At the end of the game, he explains that he is an alien sent to destroy humanity.

In Pico’s School: Love Conquers All, Cassandra is revealed to have shot her friends with her. They didn’t want to hurt anyone, but they were afraid to say no to Cassandra, the friend explained.

He usually has white dots, but whenever he mentions or shows the shape of his penis, they change to yellow eyes with pupils.

Cassandra carries a large yellow five-pointed book. He also wears an inverted cross on his shoes.

In Case You’re Wondering; The Boy Is Pico And The Girl Is Casandra; Both Are From Pico’s School. Casandra Can Literally Turn Into A Monster; Why Is She The Afraid One? :

He has two subjects in Pico’s school, as well as an appearance in Vs. Cassandra, a mod containing four songs from Friday Night Funkin’ (which is a rhythm game).

In the original version of Pico’s school, KMFDM’s introduction to the play “Like God” is a condemnation of the school system. Cassandra is the main rival of the school and the final boss. He is the leader of Goth punks and the mastermind behind the school shooting. He’s secretly penniless, an alien species from outer space disguised as a human.

Cassandra has demon horns, white eyes, and short red hair with two side bangs in the front comparable to a red shirt. He wears a gray coat and shoes with red soles and a bright yellow cross. She also has short red fingernails and red lipstick on her lower lip. Cassandra holds a TEC-9 in her right hand and a small dark gray book with a yellow pentacle in her left hand. They also sometimes have penile eyes with yellow sclera and black irises. He never smiles, always scowls. In MindChamber’s suggested remake of School, she has a more distinctly feminine body.

As for the genitals, Cassandra looks like everyone else. He has two horns protruding downwards, six horns on the sides of his head, and eyes similar to those of a reptile. He’s also scowling like he’s in human form.

Cassandra (pico’s School) By Emo Metalhead Punki On Deviantart

On the surface, Cassandra seems like an angry goth boy who hates society. In reality, Cassandra is a shape-shifting alien who simply manipulates social outcasts into doing her dirty work, actively ignoring the goth culture she emulates. Cassandra is cunning and cunning, but also rude, proud, proud and impatient. He, like the rest of the species, considers himself superior to humans. He has no respect for human life and even kills his own minions out of frustration.

In School: Love Conquers All , he despises humanity and goth culture, but really likes their music; So when he expresses mutual interest in it, he stops the school shooting. It also seems to indicate that Cassandra, despite her formidable and attractive exterior, is deeply lonely and jumps at any moment to truly connect with another person. He’s also hairy.

Cassandra is the leader of the goth punks. He recruited them to help with a school shooting at his school. However, he does not hesitate to kill two of them with his own hands, saying that “they don’t matter to this society at all”, using his own words.

School: Love Conquers All and it is revealed that Hanzo did not want to kill anyone, but participated in the school shooting so as not to disappoint Cassandra, the only person who was good to him. .

Pico X Cassandra Fanart ( Pico’s School) By Tanyaandrina444 On Deviantart

Cassandra is first seen in her classroom at the beginning of the game. When the teacher asks the class who ate the banana, he has never heard of an apple from the song he heard, and runs to the front of the class, hoping that even if he shoots the teacher and the children, he will get out alive. Cyclops later reveals that he survived because he fell in love with her.

He later introduces Alucard, telling him that he has interesting telekinetic abilities, which he believes he never heard of because he was “too busy to be popular”.

Hanzon wins and enters the Master’s room, where Cassandra is found with two other goth punks. After talking to him, he kills the Goths next to him and disguises himself as Penil. A battle ensues and you have to shoot him to damage his penis. If he shoots a burning barrel from above, it will explode and the wall behind it will collapse. The police then help him fight Cassandra, which unlocks the Bruckheimer hit. He is neutralized and presumed dead.

School: Love Conquers All The game starts out normal, except for the fact that he has the same interest as Cassandra. Then he took her for a walk, redeemed her team, and showed her the beauty of the world. She’s afraid to live with people because they’re inherently gay, moneyless, and gay, but introducing her to her boyfriend shows that not all people are anti-gay. They all agreed to take Cassandra to the museum and teach her about the culture. However, Cassandra reveals that she’s a furry who likes to wake up and leave the art, leaving her boyfriend in shocked silence.

Cassandra (pico’s School) By Tillamillasilla On Deviantart

During the livestream, one of the developers, PhantomArcade, confirmed Cassandra as an upcoming character in Friday Night Funkin.

In “Newgrounds Rumble”, Cassandra (in her genitalia) makes a cameo in a backstage scene at the School.

In “Blast”, Cassandra makes a brief cameo in an on-screen image during a demo of the game, suggesting that the Commissioner Goths may have taken over the train yard.

“You’re such a curious bastard. Have you ever met Alucard? You’re always busy trying to be popular. He’s got some interesting telekinetic powers. Watch out!”

Pico 1.5: Casandra’s Revenge

“Not bad, Prico. You’re already late. It’s time for the punk rock/goth Gestapo! I wish you were a part of it? You could have been non-conformist like the rest of us! But no – you’re an individual in ways other than your clothes I had to express myself.”

“You think I need these bastards to kill you?! Honestly, I don’t care about this society. I have other plans for this world.”

“Your offer is tempting, but in fact I am an interdimensional being sent here to rule terror and prepare your society for an authoritarian regime.”

“No, you’re right. I only thought about what I wanted, not the needs of others. I was acting like an A-grade Ingus.”

Cassandra Pico’s School

“I admit that the people of your world are not as terrible as I thought. However, there is one important thing that we cannot forgive. You see that on our planet you call a penis ‘gay’. And we understand your planet. The same gender.”

“We didn’t realize how advanced your civilization was. You convinced me. I will save your planet and live with you.”

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