Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Recommended Level

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Want to finally defeat the wandering Tree Sentinel in the Alden Ring? Once you exit the open tutorial dungeon and enter the vast world of Limgrave, the Tree Sentry is likely to be the first boss that catches your eye. Despite facing him early on, he is a formidable foe, and his powerful mare makes him difficult to subdue.

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Recommended Level

Below we will tell you some tips and tricks that will help you increase your chances of defeating the Tree Sentinel in Alden Ring. You can take a look at some footage of boss kills and read about our top strategies for turning the tables on this nimble foe.

Best Progression Route And Boss Order In Elden Ring

Alden Ring likes to take down the bosses you come across early and you’ll be tempted to try and defeat them before you’re probably ready. The Ulcerated Tree Spirit is the most obvious boss of its kind in Tomb of the Fringefolk Heroes, but in second place is the Tree Sentinel – when you first enter Limgrave, you’ll see a bright and powerful soldier on horseback.

The Tree Sentinel is a formidable foe with a very dangerous weapon that slices through your health bar with every swing. In this battle, you need to call your allies to help you. In the video below, you can see how I defeated the Tree Sentinel. Keep scrolling for some in-depth tips and tricks to help make this battle a little easier.

Note: Apologies for the apparent delay in this battle. I took these shots on a less stable version of the game.

Defeat the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village to get Skeleton Militia Ashes, which can be a great distraction from Tree Sentinels.

Beat Draconic Tree Sentinel In Elden Ring

If you can give your opponent some other targets instead of just you, you will find it much easier to fight Tree Sentinel. Spirit Ashes come in all shapes and sizes, but at this point, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to summon anything to take more than one hit from this mighty warrior.

That’s why I recommend getting your hands on Skeleton Militia Ashes. These lowly skeleton warriors probably won’t last long enough to deal decent damage to the tree sentries, but that’s beside the point. The point is to distract it. And these soldiers will live again after death, unless the tree sentries attack their corpses, which may not be possible. Infinite difficulties, for the low price of 44 FP.

To get the ashes of the Skeleton Militia in preparation for this boss fight, cross the north bridge in Limgrave and head to the remote village of Summonwater on the water (pictured above). There, you’ll face another, less intimidating boss: the Shinbon Sailor. Defeat him and you’ll get Skeleton Militia Ashes forever.

Torrents are best friends in this war. Some say fighting on horseback in the Alden ring is challenging, but with a little practice it can really give you an edge in the situation. Instead of constantly dodging the Tree Sentinel’s relentless jab attacks, try the hit-and-run tactics of torrenting against bosses. Hit hard with your longest weapon and let him go when he deflects.

Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel Tips And Strategy

Be aware of your torrent’s health. If the torrent is killed, you are thrown to the ground and left unconscious for a while.

Torrents have their own health bar, separate from yours, and unfortunately fighting on horseback – especially against powerful fighters like the Tree Sentinel – is where Torrents are likely to take a hit or two for you. That’s fine, until suddenly the torrent tank hits hard and disappears – leaving you lying on the floor, stunned and very dangerous.

To prevent this from happening, you can feed him some Raisins to replenish his health when it suffers. You can craft a Roi Raisin from 1 Roi Fruit, which is probably the most common crafting ingredient in the entire Alden Ring.

The Tree Sentinel’s attacks are fairly simple – lots of canters, jabs and swings of his gigantic golden halberd (which, by the way, is a powerful weapon you get as a reward for winning this battle). But there is one attack that might surprise you: Tree Sentinel’s sideways shield slam attack.

Elden Ring Boss Guide: How To Beat Tree Sentinel

This attack is difficult because you cannot see it coming because the horse and rider are looking away at the time. It’s key to notice when the Tree Sentinel raises its massive shield into the air; It means that a shield attack is coming and you should avoid it.

With the above tips in mind, you should find yourself defeating the ever-present Limgrave Tree Sentinel much more easily. He’s definitely a tough enemy – but far from the strongest boss in this area of ​​the map. That honor belongs to the little tree elves nearby. If you want to prepare for these and other painful battles to come, check out our guide to the best Elden Ring armor or our primer to better understand the different Elden Ring gear loadouts and roll types. We may receive a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. Read our editorial policy.

The Draconic Tree Sentinel is one of several optional bosses that Alden Ring offers players a chance to conquer.

You can find the Nagartree Sentinel just outside the northern entrance to King Capital Lindel, and you’ll have to defeat this boss if you want to enter the actual city.

Draconic Tree Sentinel Is Broken Asf

While you can take on the Nagartree Sentinel on your own, he’s definitely a beast, and we recommend some co-op for the rest of the tough fight, and even summoning Ashes to help you beat the boss.

Preparing for a draconic tree sentinel is a case of picking your poison – literally. We’ve found both bleed-based damage and poison damage to be very effective against intimidating bosses, and either – or both – are perfectly viable options.

Also, a powerful melee weapon is recommended for the Draconic Tree Sentinel. Shields are pretty useless in this fight, as the dodge roll will be your best friend out of trouble.

For this reason, we recommend that you bring a strong two-handed weapon into battle, as you will have a better chance of surprising enemies.

Top 15 Elden Ring Best Weapons

Wearing fireproof armor is not recommended, as the boss’s fire attack is the easiest to dodge, and lightning strikes in the second phase require more attention.

During Nagartree Sentinel’s first phase, it deals you massive physical damage with powerful swings. The boss will charge you from a horse, attack the ground with a hammer, and then swipe right away.

Be sure to time your dodge well before attacking his floor the first time to avoid it completely, then be ready to dodge again when the boss comes back for a follow-up attack.

Nagarjuna Sentinel’s mount does indeed breathe fire, because of course it can. The boss will freeze after a certain distance from you, and his horse will send out a fireball and crawl towards you, which is actually easier to dodge if you shoot sideways.

How To Beat Elden Ring

Alternatively, if you linger too long in front of a Nagarjuna sentry, the horse will shoot a steady stream of flames into the ground, and if you see the horse on its hind legs, immediately start running back.

You’ll know you’ve entered the second phase of the Draconic Tree Sentinel fight when the boss raises its giant hammer and rings around it with red lightning.

Welcome to the second phase of the fight, every physical attack from the boss’s hammer is now followed by an additional area effect in the form of lightning.

Getting the dodge right used to be important, but now it’s even more so, as one mistake can spell disaster even for a seasoned veteran.

Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel Boss Fight: How To Beat Draconic Tree Sentinel

The Draconic Tree Sentinel will periodically freeze and hold his hammer aloft during this phase, and you’ll start to see sparks shoot out from around the battlefield. These are signs where lightning will be about two seconds from now, so you’ll need to quickly run away from any sparking areas.

At this point, you may also want to turn off the lock on the boss, as it’s more important to be aware of your surroundings.

Once you’ve identified the introductory course and introductory souvenir items, you should figure out how to do it first

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