The Ultimate Guide to Defeating the P5R Okumura Boss

P5r Okumura Boss – Start the castle by going back to the biometric door we left. So take the elevator and turn left into the hall. Enemies will now invade the castle, so take them out carefully. Go to the balcony and go to the room with the door.

Disclaimer: This guide was originally written for Persona 5, which Atlus released stateside in 2017. If you find your way to this guide and are playing Persona 5 Royal, the 2020 update with more content coming to Xbox and Switch later this year, you can still follow. However, note that Royal has made changes to many parts of the game, adding points and revamping some boss encounters. So, while the methods are generally the same, there may be some discrepancies.

P5r Okumura Boss

Contains additional collectibles in each dungeon called Will Seeds. To find them, use our guide to Okumura Palace Seating to catch them all.

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Now that you have Haru in your party, you’ll be able to get through without a problem. As you walk through the door, you come face to face with Shadow Okumura for the first time.

Haru will have a hard time with his father incarcerated and a scary fiancee. She is ready to be her own person and play by her own rules. So her Persona will evolve and become perfect just in time to take on this friend.

Now that Haru is ready to fight, she will replace someone on your team in the upcoming battle. The girl will turn into a giant statue and leave to eat her. This battle is similar to the other kid battles in this dungeon, so be careful how you defeat them.

The young man will be adorned with blue bots on both sides. These blue bots are weak to fire and wind. Use abilities that hit a lot of enemies to hit them and take them out quickly or they will heal the boss. The leader himself is vulnerable to Psi abilities. Lucky for us, Haru has plenty of them.

Wakaba (boss Analysis)

After taking out this company employee, go forward to find a chest and jump into the elevator. Once you’re out, go left. Here you will find a chest and a fire station safe room.

Once you’ve got everything you need in the new safe room, go straight until you come across a locked door. Boom, you’re a thief. Look to the right of the door and find a ledge with a hole in it. Climbing and crawling.

You will now be in a large circular room. Take the left path, jumping up and down. Eventually you come across a large console in the middle of the room. Explore it and you’ll open a previously locked door and get a castle map. Continue along the path of the room to appear on the other side of the door.

There will be an elevator in front of you. Ignore it for now and go down the hall to the right. A new ID will be displayed when you try to interact with the keyboard. Walk away from here and go back to the elevator that backs up a bit. Enter and go to the barracks.

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Barracks can be one of the most frustrating parts if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

So far. Move forward and left to a square room. There will be some worker robots raining for work. Walk behind them and listen to learn information about their boss.

Go back to the long hallway and turn left. On the right is the barracks security room.

Continue walking down the hall and around the small cylindrical room. These enemies are powerful and will kill you if you are not careful. Having a person with a gifted talent will help. This part will also be easier if you have a Joker man who can show a full body attack like Arahabaki.

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Eventually you will reach a square room. This is a beautiful statue. Approach him and he will start talking. This way you can determine if it is the robot you are looking for. Unless you want the big XP it gives, keep moving. Go right and down the hall until you reach a square room. Here is the bot you are looking for. Wake up, talk to him for a minute and decide to fight him.

Defeating him is easy as long as you have the right side. In this part of the barracks, we recommend taking Makoto, Anna and Morgan. The red robot will also have small blue bots with it.

Use wind or fire on them (Morgana or Ann) to take them down quickly. Now use Makoto’s Nuke skill on the big red robot because that’s his weakness. (This part is definitely easier if you’ve unlocked the Baton Pass for those party members.) Once the bot drops, you’ll get a new ID. You now have more access to barracks.

With the red bot ID in hand, there will be changes. All the red robots will disappear into their square spaces and be replaced by new blue leaders. They download the new ID type we need. If you want more XP, you can go back to the room with the red robot to fight the useless blue one. However, if you want to continue. Immediately turn right and use the new keycard.

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In the new area, turn right into the long hall and turn right before you reach the common room. Continue from here to find a blue leader with a key card. Continue connecting them as you did the other one.

This driver will also have a few minutes. Use wind or fire to remove them. The manager itself is weak, so you can get three for the price of one if you use an aerial strategy. When the boss goes down, you’ll get a key card and there will be another switch.

Take the key card and enter the round room and straight into the long hall. Continue until you hit another door. Use the new key card here to unlock the pass.

This is the last part of the barracks. Turn right, left, then another right. Follow the long hallway until you come across a square room on the right. It will be the last room before the key door. Go in and talk to the big green robot in front of you. Start the fight.

Okumura (boss Analysis)

The same strategy works here. Use fire and wind on the little blue minions as you were. Use the Psi ability on the big guys. If you still have Makoto (or Ann), move Haru to the party instead. If you exploit the right loopholes, these bots will disappear very quickly. Finally, after all this hard work, we have the ID we need.

Go back to the elevator you took to enter the barracks, ride it and go to the locked door in the back. Use the new, larger key card to unlock it and move to the castle.

Follow the path and check the switch to use the elevator. Now go forward and left. Approach the large panel ahead and examine the key. Once you’ve played the mystery disc, go forward to find a small treasure, left to the surrounding security room, and right to continue your quest.

Follow the road to the right as far as possible. There are a few turns, but basically you can only go forward or backward for most of the ride. However, there are some enemies to defeat along the way. Once you reach the wall, climb it and hang onto the second level of the cylinder.

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Go right, jump on the slides until you reach another wall, jump up for a treasure, then jump back left to continue.

Keep jumping and following the path until you come to a path on the right. Follow the path and enter the main tower. In this new room, choose the right ramp and jump down the pipe. Follow them together until you see another jump point. Jump here to grab some treasure. Jump off the ledge and turn right to find an Exit Line Safe room.

Run up the ramp to the right and a cutscene will play. Follow the path and go through the door on the left. You will now be in a large, full room

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