Persona 5 Royal Reaper

Persona 5 Royal Reaper – If you’ve played any of the previous Persona games prior to Persona 5, you’ll know that Reaper is known as one of the hardest boss fights to complete. With high attack and defense, as well as attacks that can leave many enemies at death’s door, this is one enemy you shouldn’t try to face until you’re ready.

If not, you know how to cheat death. In Persona 5, the Reaper has started snapping his chains again in the dungeon areas you visit throughout the game. In the later months of Persona 5, there’s a way to get a lot of experience points relatively quickly if you want to look Reaper in the face and get out of a fight relatively quickly. This method also unlocks the loot you get for defeating the Reaper, so I recommend not using this method if you want to get the reward without cheating. Without further ado, here’s how to cheat the Reaper for some very valuable loot.

Persona 5 Royal Reaper

This article will be updated in the future to add screenshots of the game in English. At the time of publication, only the Japanese version of Persona 5 was available.

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In order to cheat the image of death, this exploit requires several things to happen. The first thing you need to do is enter the Mementos side dungeon. It doesn’t matter what area of ​​the area you land in, as you can encounter the Reaper on any floor except the waiting rooms and boss floors.

Second, you need to be pretty high level before you start fighting Reaper, because every time you try, you won’t be able to trigger the conditions required to trigger the exploit.

Like the Chidori side quest in Persona 3 FES, this exploit can only be done on certain days of the year. To help you prepare, the event dates are November 13th, 14th and 15th and December 8th and 9th. These days, you’ll see a flu warning under the sun on your screen.

When you’re ready to start, insert the Mementos into one of the regular layers and leave the controller alone for about five minutes. After that, Morgana will inform you about the news of death. When this happens,  Orucu will spawn and come right at you. Be sure to ambush him, as this increases your chances of escaping if things go wrong.

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When the battle starts, you need to make sure Reaper is in this Desperate state. This is indicated by the message on the screen and the straight lines above the Reaper. If this does not happen, immediately escape the battle and go to another floor.

You can’t lose health if you fight a Desperate Reaper because he can’t attack. Just wait three turns and the Reaper will be destroyed automatically. Once this happens, you’ll earn a large amount of experience points that can be anywhere between 60,000 and 200,000 EXP depending on how you complete some of the game’s Secret side quests. Regardless of the number, you must level up several times with each successful run of this exploit.

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