Tales Of Arise Combat Tips

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Tales of Rise is out in the wild now and many are enjoying their time in the JRPG. It puts the Tales Of franchise in a new light and is doing well with critics and even in the market. Whether you are new to the series or a big fan of Tales, here are a few battle tips to make you more effective in battle as you explore the conflict between Renans and Dahnans.

Tales Of Arise Combat Tips

You will probably manage with the same main character 80% of the time when playing Tales of Rise. Whoever you decide to control, make sure that your skill set is similar to that of each character, so if you are in a position to fight another character, you will not feel like a foreigner in combat.

Tales Of Arise Lands Today, Tips To Begin Your Journey

If we say that you have a ranged attack assigned to one button, it would be better to give all the characters you want to control and this battle is similar to the attack so that once you know what you need as soon as you hit the switch. to press, reducing confusion during combat. For example, I told all Artes combo openers map to the ‘square’ button on PS5/4.

As you progress through the game, advanced soldiers like Alphen will learn new Artes that will make them more effective in battle. Artes Gauge (AG) is required to fire Artes and it doesn’t start charging again until you stop attacking, so spam doing one move is not good. Additionally, using the same movement over and over again will cause more and more damage to your movement.

So, get the combo going. There are several Artes available for each character and they combine well enough to keep one enemy in position to hit everything.

My usual order in combos is usually Artes > normal attack method > Artes > Artes (which take out the enemy) > normal air attack method.

Tales Of Arise Beginner’s Guide

This technique isn’t the most effective, as it’s just my favorite technique in normal combat. The main idea is to use all the AGs in the same mixture. You can mix and match what works for you. Be sure to add a series of normal attacks to your strategy so that it can be used between Artes to avoid reducing returns and make the combo last longer. You can invite a character to perform a Boost Attack by using the directional pad to expand it a bit, as these boost attacks restore some AG when connected. Have fun with it!

The bosses in Tales of Rise can be tough as some can appear like damaged sponges. But many, especially the big ones, have visible weaknesses that need to be addressed. These bright orange areas are hard to ignore and are your best bet for maximum damage. If you take enough damage, you will break it and put the boss/miniboss in a weak state for a short time.

Another way to be effective in this type of attack is to make sure you deal the right amount of elemental damage.

Press L1 when looking for an enemy and you will see an icon next to his name and level representing his elemental affinity. If he has one, react by using Artes to deal appropriate elemental damage against him. You know you’re hitting the right thing when you see “weakness” next to the damage number.

Tales Of Arise Has Poetic Combat Amidst Its Layered Artes

You can also reduce the amount of damage that your food causes by using products that reduce the damage of certain items. It is likely that the fire chief will throw a few fireworks or move to your party.

In Tales of Rise you control one character and the others are controlled by the AI. Most of the time the AI ​​is very skilled in combat, but it will often use all the skills available to prioritize your choice for the session. This strategy is mostly used to define how the AI ​​will use heals, buffs and items, so there is no control over how the characters will use their AG, but at least , you can reduce the types of Artes or potions they can use. .

When you go to the Artes menu, you can go to the character list of Artes and spells and turn on or off spells / Artes to determine the skills in the AI ​​during battle. This is perfect for seniors and juniors. For example, if you’re fighting a world boss, you can make a sorcerer like Rinwell only use wind spells by turning off elemental Artes and non-wind spells. .

Hopefully, you will gain an understanding of how to be effective in this JRPG. Tales of Arise is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Tales of Arise is the latest installment in the long-running JRPG series. Besides being a great game, it’s also a perfect entry point for newcomers, especially because of its combat system. The Tales series has some of the best RPG combat in the genre. Arise’s is the most accessible, but can still be a little scary. It’s easy to get lost in all the systems it has to offer.

Tales Of Arise: Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Endgame

Don’t worry though! With our ultimate Tales of Rise battle guide, you’ll be a battlefield leader in no time.

Arise’s combat system is essentially an action-based system. It combines combat and combos with classic JRPG gameplay to create a unique system. It is also very flexible as you can experiment with the system and create your own designs. That’s why we don’t give you the best way to play music. Instead, this guide gives you the knowledge and tools you need to develop your style of play.

The basics of Tales of Rise’s combat system begin with setting up your battle management. There are three options to choose from:

We recommend keeping your battle controls in manual mode as this gives you the most flexibility when it comes to movement. You have to get used to the ranges, but combat hitboxes are more generous than in pure action and combat games.

Tales Of Arise Best Weapons And Armor For Each Character

In Tales of Rise – and any Tales game for that matter – two rules apply to individual combat:

These two rules can be summed up in one idea: you must act with the mind. Being in the middle of a fight scene prevents you from attacking. Therefore, the choice of when to attack and events are important at any time during the war.

These are your fastest attacks in terms of recovery and will be your bread and butter in most cases. Melee-based characters can deliver a series of 3-5 hits in a row by pressing the normal attack button. However, you don’t have to complete all the steps. On the other hand, Ranged characters can fire long range shots in melee, even though they are grouped together.

Artes are powerful abilities that complement every Tales of Arise character’s playstyle. You start with three Ground Artes and three Aerial Artes slots, and later in the game you get three more slots for each.

Tales Of Arise’: Combat Tips And Tricks

Above your character’s health meter, you will see a series of blue diamonds. This is the Artes meter, and it actually shows how many of them can run before you get into recovery mode. Once you’re in that state, you’ll have to wait for at least one of the blue diamonds to be retrieved before you can perform another Arte.

You can choose any Artes you want for any space, allowing you to create your own style of play. However, as a start, we recommend that you fit into one of the following Ground Artes types:

Each arte in Arise also has its own relationship. These things work as well as you would expect. When you hit an enemy with an Arte that has its elemental weakness, it will do more damage. As a result, they will take less damage from the things they resist. You can check the weakness of the enemy by holding L1 on the PS4 or PS5 and examine the various fields. You can also learn the weaknesses and obstacles that many of the mobs you encounter have by going through the Playground guide.

Attacking enemies with the same item doesn’t completely cover your damage, and counters are weak. However, as you progress into the more difficult parts of the game, you’ll want to make choices based on the main weaknesses, which boil down to the following:

How To Get Every Arte In Tales Of Arise

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the Artes you use, aside from basic weaknesses. As you shop for new ones, you can try and choose the ones that work best for you.

As we mentioned in the tips and tricks guide, your Dodge is your main defense. Learning how to use it is very important to you

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