Tales Of Arise Ganabelt

Tales Of Arise Ganabelt – Lord Ganabelt Valkyris is one of the many boss fights you’ll encounter in Tales of Arise. In this Tales of Arise Lord Ganabelt boss guide, we’ll take a look at the different abilities Valkyris will use and how to effectively counter them.

Before confronting Lord Ganabelt, the first thing you need to do is prepare for battle. You can do this by equipping yourself with a few skills that will help you survive the battle for a longer period of time.

Tales Of Arise Ganabelt

Start by crafting Alexandrite. You can do this with Chrysoberyl Mass. Chrysoberyl Mass is an accessory used to craft Alexandrite in Tales of Arise.

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Consider the fact that Lord Ganabelt has a light core and uses it as a light attack. This is where crafted alexandrite comes in handy, as it reduces the amount of damage taken from these attacks.

So start by crafting alexandrite, then visit the camp to cook up a meal for the party before moving on to the actual boss fight.

This will keep your entire party at max SP and help them survive the battle for much longer.

After successfully spawning the alexandrite and boosting your team’s SP, head back to the boss realm and get ready for one of the toughest boss battles in Tales of Arise.

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Start with your health. Lord Ganabelt has a large health bar divided into four sections. Because there are four members in the party.

The battle itself is divided into two stages. The strategy is the same in both phases. Avoid their attacks and counterattack.

Below is a list of abilities and attacks that can be used as counters in response to boss attacks.

In the first phase of the boss fight, Lord Ganabelt has two main attacks: Blink and Arcane Rush. Avoid unnecessary damage from these attacks by staying alert and constantly dodging incoming attacks.

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At the beginning of phase 1, Lord Ganabelt uses “Blink”, teleporting forward and dealing lightning damage.

This attack is very sudden and occurs in the blink of an eye. To avoid damage from this attack, simply dodge quickly.

At this point, use Rinwell on her empowered attacks. If you see a purple ring forming above Ganabelt, it’s a sign that you need to power up, as Ganabelt will try to cast Arcane Arte and then perform a lightning attack.

If you can’t use Rinwell in this boss fight, stay away when he’s using Arcane Arte.

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Switch to Lava at the end of the boss fight to use the buff against Ganabelt’s protective barrier.

After destroying the barrier, Steel Arte Lava can be used on any character for the next 20 seconds before Ganabelt returns to the central part of the boss area and duplicates itself.

The best strategy is to transform your character into Alphen and use his Flaming Sword ability to stop Ganabelt from using his fury. Use when your health is at its lowest.

Continue using both attacks while Shionne heals when she runs out of health. Continue to damage Valkyris and heal him to defeat him.

Cómo Vencer A Lord Ganabelt En Tales Of Arise

Busy roaming the virtual streets of Alpha City. I spend most of my time playing Super-Mecha Champions, NBA 2K, WWE 2K and other shooters like CS:GO. This page details the story battle against Lord Ganabelt Valkyris in Cyslodia, Riville Prison Tower in Tales of Arise. This details all his attacks and how to defeat him.

Lord Ganabelt Valkyris awaits you at the top of the Riville Prison Tower and this is the second Lord boss fight in the game. Ganabelt is probably the hardest battle in the game. The series of mechanics he throws at you, the fury at the end of a fight, and even the fact that you still don’t have many tools available at this point. game. With that in mind, you should prepare yourself well before heading into battle. First, make sure your entire team is wearing alexandrites as many of Ganabelt’s attacks rely on light. This reduces light/dark damage by 50% and can increase elemental defense or paralysis resistance. They’re all better.

All prison tower knights drop astral crystal shards, so farm them and make sure everyone has the latest gear. You’ll also want to make sure you have a healthy supply of bottles of life and orange gel. If you run out of gald, farm your knights here to get astral crystal shards, craft weapons, and sell surpluses. Be sure to disable any light-based Artes Rinwell or Shionne have access to so they don’t waste time resisting. The final step before using Ganabelt is to make sure you eat foods that increase defense or defense against the elements.

It’s immediately obvious that Ganabelt is fast, but the beginning of the fight isn’t too bad and you won’t be able to deal much damage to him. This has to be interrupted by Law’s buff attack due to Ganabelt’s protective barrier, but you must wait for Alphen to trigger a cutscene showing Law breaking it after exhausting the first segment. When Ganabelt points his sword forward, he will fire 6 lightning balls at you. This is simply for dodging from a distance, but when attacking Alphen or Law directly, attack them from behind. If you see it disappear, it will soon reappear next to you and use its teleport slash.

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Before charging at you and leaving a trail of lightning in its wake. He can do this up to 4 times (especially during phase 2), so be prepared to dodge first, then dodge. It can also cause paralysis. When Ganabelt starts throwing, have Alphen or Rinwell use an empowering attack to cancel it. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with Mine Barrage, an Arte that causes a large ball of electricity to appear in front of it that can deal heavy damage to any incoming target. Make contact with him and melee from behind if he can throw it.

Keep your eyes peeled as Ganabelt raises his sword high in the air. As long as he is aware of the attack, he will perform a Lightning Strike that will fire lightning at your current location. easy to avoid. Ganabelt’s last attack in this phase is to swing forward and shoot a lightning bolt from behind the fork. Be prepared to heal as it will almost always hit anyone within melee range. As you can see, Ganabelt is quite deadly and you’ll want to avoid a massive attack on it. If you’re playing as Alphen or Law, watch out for flanking to avoid most attacks, and use a buff attack to gain time to hit him unanswered. If you become paralyzed, immediately use a bottle of panacea for most Ganabelt attacks.

When Ganabelta’s HP drops to 50%, she teleports to the center of the arena and summons 3 mirages while erecting a barrier. This is a damage check as Ganabelt cannot directly damage itself, so the goal is to remove at least one mirage to reduce the damage from Ganabelt’s upcoming Mystic Art, Outrage. This Arte is incredibly strong, has over 700 HP on all members, and can be destroyed very easily here, so you need to fully heal at this point.

While fighting Ganabelt in hard mode, you also have to deal with stage 1 to 2 mirages.

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The first thing you need to do is recover from Ganabelt’s brutal wrath. If you have therapy, this can be very useful. Otherwise use Life Bottle or Orange Gel as needed. This stage of the fight gets a little hectic as you have to deal with not only Ganabelt, but Mirage itself, who has access to the same moveset as Ganabelt.

However, Mirage has less HP than Ganabelt and can stun you without using Lava’s Empowered Attack, so watch your HP and make that your top priority. The rest of the group will catch up easily.

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