Why Does Blaidd Attack You

Why Does Blaidd Attack You – The Midlands is full of memorable characters, and Elden Ring has no problem changing the course of its story based on your actions in the game. Almost everything you do has a significant consequence – and nowhere is this more evident than with your time with Bladed.

Blaidd is a half-wolf you’ll come across as you explore the Mistwood Ruins, and depending on what you do from that point on, your future encounters with Blaidd might be a lot less pleasant.

Why Does Blaidd Attack You

. The most obvious reason is that you attacked him first – and he immediately returns the favor with a challenging fight.

Pov: You Are Blaidd

But if you’ve never laid your hands on a half-wolf and it’s still attacking you, here are possible culprits:

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to stop Blaidd from attacking you. If he’s hostile because you just finished Ranni’s quest, you just need to kill him.

If, however, he is attacking you for another reason, you can try going to the Church of Vows and using the Celestial Dew. Doing so resets your hostile interactions with select NPCs – and depending on how you messed with Blaidd, this could become easy.

Celestial Dew can be purchased from merchants in Caria Manor and near the Ainsel River. You can also find him in various places as you explore the Midlands.

Elden Ring Quests: How To Complete Every Side Quest In Elden Ring

With one in hand, head to the Church of Vows in eastern Liurnia, where you can interact with the altar to exchange Celestial Dew for NPC forgiveness. These resources are incredibly rare and Elden Ring is a masterpiece with tons of content to offer. Players, ourselves included, have been unable to uninstall the game since its release. In addition to the fantastic main story and large open world, Elden Ring has tons of interesting NPCs and quests for players to tackle.

A fan favorite NPC is Blaidd. Imagine the betrayal when your main NPC wakes up one day and chooses violence. Today, we’ll answer your frequently asked question: Why did Blaidd turn hostile in Elden Ring?

Why did Blaidd turn hostile in Elden Ring? Also, the main reason Blaidd becomes hostile is players completing Ranni’s quest line. Players must defeat Blaidd after finishing his questline and returning to Ranni’s Rise. This is because Blaidd was given to Ranni by the Two Fingers/Greater Will. Ranni rebelled against the Two Fingers and drove Blaidd crazy, so he became hostile.

Still not satisfied? Don’t worry! Elden Ring lore is often complicated and obscure. We suggest you read on to find out exactly why Blaidd turned hostile in Elden Ring. We will analyze the elements of the story and provide you with all the information you need. Without further ado, let’s answer the question: why did Blaidd turn hostile in Elden Ring?

How To Get The Blaidd Armor Set In Elden Ring

Why did Blaidd turn hostile in Elden Ring when all you did was be a brother to him? Blaidd is a fantastic NPC in Elden Ring that players can get involved with early on. What exactly causes you to become hostile? Let’s take a look:

Blaidd is a half-human, half-wolf NPC that can be found in the Mitwood Ruins. A man will ask you to cross your fingers as soon as he hears a scream. This causes Blaidd to appear for the first time.

Blaidd has one of the most stylish NPC designs in Elden Ring and his questline is pretty cool and rewarding, but what do you do when he’s hostile and attacks you? Here are some reasons why this might be:

The main reason Blaidd becomes hostile is players completing Ranni’s questline. After completing Ranni the Witch’s quest line in Elden Ring, Blaidd will be waiting for you as a hostile NPC outside Ranni’s Rise and you will have to defeat him as part of Ranni’s quest. This is due to knowledge reasons which are discussed below.

Elden Ring: How To Complete Blaidd’s Questline

Blaidd was given to Ranni by the Two Fingers, who were the interpreters of the Greater Will in Elden Ring. Blaidd was supposed to be a protector of the Ranni, the witches. However, Ranni had different plans.

When Ranni decided to rebel against the Two Fingers, Blaidd slowly began to lose his mind and approach madness. When she completes Ranni’s quest, she ends up becoming his dearest consort. Blaidd, on the other hand, is left with nothing.

Call it heartbreak, madness or just plain salty, but Blaidd makes it her mission to kick your ass at this point.

We discuss the root cause of Blaidd’s antagonism in Elden Ring. There are basically two other ways that Blaidd can become hostile in Elden Ring. Let’s take a look:

Blaidd Is Hostile? I Dont Wanna Kill Him If I Dont Have To

That should be obvious. As with most NPCs (especially menacing ones like Blaidd) in the ancestral games of Elden Ring and FromSoftware, attacking an NPC will cause them to become hostile towards you.

If you accidentally or purposefully chose to attack Blaidd, he will become hostile towards you and your questline will be blocked for that execution. You need to defeat him or avoid him altogether.

This cause is more a bug than anything else. For some players, killing the Runebear in Midwood makes Blaidd hostile even before using the Finger Snap gesture. Blaidd would come down and attack the players, closing this mission for that race.

Fortunately, this bug was mostly noticed in older versions of the game. You can rest in peace and hope for the best. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter this problem, however, going to the Church of Vows and absolving your sins with Celestial Dew can apparently reverse this error.

Elden Ring: Royal Greatsword, How To Get

That ends our guide. Today, answer your frequently asked question: Why did Blaidd turn hostile in Elden Ring? It’s a shame that a boyfriend like Blaidd suddenly becomes aggressive and attacks you when he wasn’t initially antagonistic.

We hope our guide has helped you learn more about Blaidd’s changing nature. If you found our guide helpful, please leave a comment below. Your feedback is of great value to us. Enjoy playing the rest of Elden Ring. Good luck, Spotted!

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How To Complete Blaidd’s Quest In Elden Ring?

There are some trendy NPCs and enemies in Elden Ring, but none look quite as stylish as Blaidd the Half-Wolf. Armor Blaidd is just

, which helps make up for the fact that its stats aren’t as high as some of the other armor you can find at the same point in the game. Blaidd is an NPC that you’ve probably interacted with once or twice during the game, as he’s related to Ranni the Witch’s side quest and Radhan’s boss fight. Here’s how to claim Bladed’s armor so you can use it.

The first thing you need to do is complete Ranni the Witch’s side quest, as Blaidd is one of his companions. You can read our in-depth Ranni the Witch guide for all the details, but here’s the quick version of it.

First, find Ranni in the Three Sisters area northwest of Liurnia, where you’ll first meet Blaidd. After that, travel south east of Caelid to defeat Radhan, where Blaidd will be there to support you. Then use the hole in Limgrave created by the star’s collapse on the planet to reach Nokron, the Eternal City and claim its treasure.

How To Find Blaidd’s Armor Set In Elden Ring

After that, head back to Ranni and head to the nearby Reindeer tower and use the teleport door at the top. This will take you to the Ansel River, where you’ll find a Ranni the Witch doll, which you can take to the nearby Grace Site to reveal it’s the real Ranni. Sail further along the river until you are invaded by an NPC that looks like Blaidd but is not. Ranni gives you a key, which opens a chest in the Great Raya Lucaria Library, with the Dark Moon Ring inside. Go through where you fought the invader to find the Lake of Rot and go around it.

Enter the building and follow the river to find a coffin near a waterfall. Climb inside and it will take you to the boss fight against Astel, a Naturalborn of the Void. After defeating her, use the tunnel at the back of the arena to reach the Moonlight Altar. Immediately head north to the Cathedral of Manus Celes and follow the underground tunnel inside. You

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