Yakuza Like A Dragon Romance

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Want to unlock every Yakuza: Romance of the Dragon? As surprising as it may seem, there are six different romance options like Yakuza: Dragon. Many of these romantic options have their merits, but there’s a huge bonus to be gained by dating all of them. So if you want the best reward, you’ll have to talk to every romance option like Yakuza: Dragon.

Yakuza Like A Dragon Romance

In this guide, we list all the romance options in Yakuza: Like a Dragon and the corresponding rewards for each partner. We’ll also discuss how to improve your relationship status with each romance option, as they all have different benefits. Finally, we will immediately explain the benefits of dating for each romantic option.

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In Yakuza: Like Dragon, there are six female NPCs who can interact and have love outside of their normal Ichiban occupation. You can improve your relationship with these NPCs by giving them gifts. Different characters want different gifts, so you have to gauge what they want, find something, and then hope they respond well. You can find gifts scattered around the world in shops and by crafting them with the help of Survive Barkeep.

After you give them a few gifts and they respond well, you’ll need to improve your personality to unlock new levels of romance. Unfortunately, it’s not as fun as it sounds. This basically means giving more gifts. When you finally deliver a bunch of gifts they’ll love, you’ll be putting their relationship on the line and officially getting romantically involved with them.

Below we list every romance option in Yakuza: Dragonlike and the stats, gifts, and other requirements you need to get into a relationship:

Eri is a party member who requires Ichiban to reach rank 10 in compassion and a high rank in business management. This will raise your relationship with Eri to the highest level, and then you will gain access to Ichiban Holdings, which you can request to find yourself in the passage. You can then visit Bar Survive to shoot another scene and enter into a romantic relationship.

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Saeko is a party member who demands that Ichiban reach rank 10 in style. You should also bring Saeko into battle and fill her bonds with potions in the survival bar to increase your bond. Afterwards, you can return to the Survive Bar for a cutscene that reveals you’re in a romantic relationship.

Mana works at the Ounabara Vocational School, which you can visit starting in Chapter 4. After unlocking the school and meeting Mana, you must:

Ririka works at Hello Work, which you will visit for the first time in Chapter 3. However, you cannot change jobs until Chapter 5, and this is an important aspect of building a relationship with Ririka. After unlocking the Job Change option, you need to do the following:

Sumir works in the romance workshop, which you can visit starting in chapter 5. After unlocking the workshop and meeting Sumire, you must:

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Iroha works at the Survive Bar, which you can access starting in Chapter 4. After unlocking the bar and meeting Iroha, you must:

Many romantic possibilities require a specific plant that you can easily buy at Flowers 2 Go at a great price. If you don’t want to pay a lot of yen, you can learn more about gardening in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Eri and Saeko, the first two love options above, are party members that offer no reward for love. Each of the last four romance options can be hired as an employee at Ichiban Holdings after entering into a romantic relationship. However, the biggest bonus comes from romancing all six women at once.

If you are in love with all six women, you can visit Bar Survive and start a new story called Lone Survivor. Complete this section to get a +10 boost to your defense stat.

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That’s all for this page, but we have more guides like Yakuza: Dragon. If you need Yen to upgrade your workshop or buy plants, check out our guide on how to make money fast in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. If you intend to play the game 100%, see our guides on where to find all 10 Kappa statues and lost cats in Yakuza: Dragon.Su eBay with HP Victus Gaming with RTX 3050 laptop. è 899, 90 euros we recommend.

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